Fashioned by God.
Equally yoked -

God is everything to me…


* Trust the Lord and do good. Live in the land and feed on truth. Enjoy serving the Lord, and he will give you what you want. Depend on the Lord; trust him, and he will take care of you. (Psalms 37:3-5 NCV)


* I myself am the Lord; I am the only Savior. I myself have spoken to you, saved you, and told you these things. It was not some foreign god among you. You are my witnesses, and I am God,” says the Lord. “I have always been God. No one can save people from my power; when I do something, no one can change it.” (Isaiah 43:11-13 NCV)


* He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. (Psalms 147:3 NLT)


* “No one else should carry the title of ‘Father’; you have only one Father, and he’s in heaven. (Matthew 23:9 MSG)

& my LEADER,

* Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you. (Psalms 25:5 NLT)

I need him daily & without him I would fall apart.

Since I’ve been walking this walk with Christ, I’ve realized there’s no way I can be in a relationship someone who doesn’t feel the same way. In relationships it’s important to have things in common with the person you’re committed to - for me, my boyfriend must be equally as committed to God & serving him & living a righteous life as I am.

When you don’t have someone who’s equally yoked w| you - where’s the support you need? Where’s the leadership and most importantly the accountability you need? It’s not there because they aren’t living a life of purity like you are.

* You are not the same as those who do not believe. So do not join yourselves to them. Good and bad do not belong together. Light and darkness cannot share together. How can Christ and Belial, the devil, have any agreement? What can a believer have together with a nonbeliever? (2 Corinthians 6:14, 15 NCV)

When you have found someone who’s equally yoked w| you - you have someone who’s willing to be accountable for their actions & yours - & make sure you both are living out Gods perfect will for your life. You’d have someone who leads you to God every time. You’d have someone who understands your walk & your struggles and they will & should support you through it all. You have someone to do life w| you.

* Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together. If one falls down, the other can help him up. But it is bad for the person who is alone and falls, because no one is there to help. (Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10 NCV)

So today I want to encourage you to save your love for someone who loves the things that are everything to YOU! ♥



This was weird and hard to put on the internet. Opening up and being so vulnerable on camera is definitely out of my comfort zone, but it was very necessary. It’s been a long and hard road with so many ups and downs but I’m here, happier than I can ever remember being. All of the stuff I’ve been through has made me stronger. I want to give a big thank you to Jayleen and Logan, the first people I came out to. MY people. My niece and my nephew who have turned into my very best friends. Thank you for always standing by me and accepting every part of me. You guys made it so easy to open up and just be me. I love you with everything I am and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. I also want to thank my mom and 2 brothers Danny and Elias for surprising me so much with all the love and support I received from you guys. I was so nervous and anxious to come out to you guys especially and I was met with open arms. Thank you to Jose for directing, shooting, and editing this video and making it more than what I even thought I wanted. Thank you to Claudia for being there during the shoot and easing my nerves. Last but not least, I want to thank YOU for watching. I hope this inspires you to share your truth. If you take anything from this video, let it be that you’ll start putting more of an effort to understand and be kind to one another.  

If you are questioning your sexuality or struggling with it or you just need someone to talk to about it there are resources out there, such as “The Trevor Project.” Know that everyone’s experience is unique and don’t feel pressured to come out. Wait till you feel safe and ready, that’s the most important thing.

24/7 hotline: 1-866-488-7386

Here are the coming out videos i mentioned that helped me so much.

Troye Sivan’s video;

Ellen Page’s speach; 

Tyler Oakley’s Youtube page’

Wentworth Miller’s speach;

Q: Any advice to have a successful relationship?

Be truthful.
Love hard.
Don’t let stupid things ruin your happiness (:

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